American Airlines will use passenger aircraft to launch cargo

2020-06-24 11:45

American Airlines announced today that it will use its standard 777-300 passenger aircraft for several European cargo flights in the next few days. The company said the flights will be used to deliver medical supplies, US military service mail, telecommunications equipment and electronics, and e-commerce company packages.

   This marks the first time the United States has operated only cargo flights since it retired the last 747 freighter in 1984.

"At this unprecedented moment, we are playing a key role in ensuring the transportation of basic materials, and we are proud to do our part to find ways to continue to serve our customers and communities," Rick, President of American Air Cargo and Vice President of International Business Elieson said, "Challenging times require creative solutions. (Now) a team of the entire airline has been running non-stop to arrange cargo-only flights for our customers."

Currently, American Airlines only plans to travel between Dallas and Frankfurt twice within the next four days. The company said in a statement: "These flights provide many of the company's regular cargo customers with much-needed cargo capabilities, enabling them to continue operations in this challenging environment."

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