VNMNC is a manufacturer of various hydraulic and lubricating filters, oil filter trucks, vacuum dehydration trucks, special media filters, automatic backwash filters, gear pumps, heat exchangers and other products. Vermock owns in the United States A group of engineers with special professional skills can handle and solve all filtering system projects. Their excellent price-performance ratio and excellent pre-sales and after-sales services are widely recognized by users, and they are trusted partners of users.
After half a century, VNMNC has been widely used in various industrial fields, especially in the metallurgical industry, paper industry, electrical equipment, construction machinery, etc., and has branches in many countries and General agent.
 Since the application of the first filter in the hydraulic system,VNMNC has been constantly improving and developing its own products. It is committed to the development of environmentally friendly products and natural resource-saving products to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for oil purification. Oil purification technology greatly improves the efficiency of industrial production, thereby saving and using resources more reliably and effectively.

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