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Double cartridge filter

VNMNC Duplex Liquid Filter


VNMNC offers a wide variety of standard duplex filter products as well as custom engineered configurations for your inpidual application.  Duplex full flow designs are available allowing for continuous flow during fluid transfer and cartridge change out with the added benefit of elimination of potential gasket leak points with our welded in valve design .   Bolt in valve designs remain available.  We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with a fully accredited weld shop which gives us the ability to manufacture and test a wide variety of filter arrangements.  A range of materials of construction are available as well as a perse offering of components and certifications based on your unique specifications.




Marine/Shipping - Mid Stream Gas - Mining - Natural Gas Pipeline Transmission - Oil & Gas - Power Generation - Pulp & Paper - Refinery - Steel Industry -

Type: ASME Code, Integral Head, Non Code-Custom, Non-Code, TurboFLo


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